The course is bounded by higher ground to the north and the gently meandering River Bollin to the south and, as a result is well drained and dries quickly after wet weather.

The holes are diverse in character with no two alike, presenting distinctive challenges to the player. Different tee positions are used on holes 10 to 18 and these make subtle (and in some cases, striking) changes to the challenges faced. This is a course which can be enjoyed by golfers of all abilities.

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First Hole: Meadow

This is a short par 5 so for the big hitter there is a good chance of a Birdie. From the tee there are several considerations, on the left of the fairway are a line of mature trees beyond which is the practice ground (in play) The main danger is that the trees will gather your ball and take away any benefit of a well hit ball. There are two bunkers on the right side of the fairway to gather the shorter hitter and the average golfer then an open ditch to the left hand side of the fairway that is in play for the bigger hitters. For the very big hitters 270yds plus there is a large mound on the right and out of bounds on the left however these only bother most club golfers on the second shot.

Once past the mounds it is out of bounds all the way to the green on the left hand side, however the fairway is cut well to the right and this should not really come into play. There is a left hand side copse to keep you honest and not take the direct route. From a distance you cannot see a large dip that is 50- 20 yards in front of the green. This gives the impression that the hole is even shorter and correct club selection is vital to carry this area.

The front of the green is guarded by a bunker on the left and there is another in the right to catch any wayward approach. However the green is deep so taking an extra club is often rewarded but once over the back of the green there is very little room before the out of bounds again comes into play.

The green is long and narrow and so taking note of where the flag is can make a big difference.

Al Kenney (Hcp 10)

Second Hole: Spinney

This Par 3 has the potential to be a rewarding hole. However, it can be quite deceptive as the
green is well protected by bunkers and mature trees on both sides and the
direction of winds can play a key role in allowing the ball to land safely on
the green and close to the hole. A straight drive is therefore a significant
requirement to achieve a par or better score.

Win Heath (Hcp 14)

Third Hole: Bend

This is a dog-leg left, Par 4 Hole of 290 yards. A drive over the left grass mound ahead will put you within 100 - 130 yards of the green. However, drive too far and you could be over a bank and down a broad depression of rough. The “hogs back “ green slopes down towards you and is well protected by two bunkers to the front.

Corinne Veitch (Hcp 15)

Fourth Hole: Bollin View

The new 4th hole is tucked away behind the 3rd green and offers a beautiful view of the river Bollin. From the elevated tee it's a short tee-shot to the green but beware the river on the left which sweeps behind the steeply sloping green and the pond to the right which will catch any wayward shots.

For the back nine, the 13th (Riverside) tee is set further back and closer to the banks for the Bollin and presents a different challenge into the same green.

Fifth Hole: Crow Bank

Standing on the tee, your aim is the left edge of the far trees in the distance in between the copse of trees on the left (from which you will not get much joy) and the ancient oak tree. Daunting for the shorter hitter, as you need to carry the third fairway and not get snaggled up in the foot of the oak - a common occurrence! Accuracy is the key, as the ancient oak ‘in leaf’ may catch even the perfectly struck tee shot. Once at the top of the hill, rough and small trees lie to the left and mature trees and out of bounds, to the right (which rarely will affect the ladies on the 5th!) you are faced with grassy mounds after which is a downhill fairway with a surprise bunker on the left. Aim for the left/middle and with a dry fairway, your ball might see you nearer the green than anticipated. However, beware, the land slopes from left to right so if you don’t aim far enough left your ball could trickle into a cruel greenside bunker on the right. Too far left and you are in a ridiculous greenside bunker which is just annoying and down to wayward hitting. Then depending where your ball finishes, your next shot should see you on the green with either a birdie putt or down for two. Simple if you remember to play to the front flag - par achieved and happy days!!! 
Fourteenth Hole: The ancient oak is now on your left, and some grassy hollows on the right. The hill is definitely steeper but getting to the top of the hill is more achievable. Keep your ball in the middle as to the left at the top of the hill, is rubbish rough and far right, is the out of bounds.  Remember that you are now playing to the back flag and you know how to play the rest of the hole!
Tessa Day (Hcp 17)

Sixth Hole: Orchard

From an elevated tee position (The ladies 15th tee can be found further on through the gate), it is important that your drive finds the centre of the long and relatively trouble-free fairway.
There is a run off area to the right of the high, mature trees on the right but you will be lucky to find a decent lie or line in. Any inclination to hit left will bring you into the newly planted and mature trees that separate the 6th and 7th fairways and
these will certainly impede your second shot to the green. The green itself is slightly banked and is protected by bunkers to left and right. The approach shot should favour the left as any mishit right could land on the downward bank finding heavy rough or
at worst the river Bollin.

Paul Simpson (Hcp 9)

Seventh Hole: The Peninsular

With a tee flanked on the right by the River Bollin and an out of bounds stream and to the left by a line of trees, this is an extremely challenging hole which requires accuracy, courage and a straight drive.
The second shot takes you over a steep slope, avoiding the tree and thick rough on the left, to a green protected by a bunker and grass mounds with out of bounds beckoning behind.The green slopes steeply from back to front and is one of the most difficult - accept two putts and move on.
Peter Veitch (Hcp 8)

Eighth Hole: Punchbowl

A par 4 that low handicap players may feel there is a possibility of driving . A very accurate shot will be required as the curved green is guarded by bunkers on the right and a sweeping grass bank to the left. The lesser golfer is faced with a drive down the right of the fairway to open up the green but beware the ball is not pushed too far as bunkers and out of bounds await. The safer drive up the left leaves a teasing shot onto the green which if over hit finds a steep slope and long grass. Many a shot can be dropped trying to be too clever. Peter Hardern (Hcp 21)

Ninth Hole: Home

The Clubhouse is in sight but between you and the green 390 yards up this gently rising Par 4 is a large oak tree which may come into play on your second shot unless you aim your drive to the right or left of it. Beware OB on the left and the car park to the right and rear of the green.

Twelfth Hole: Buzzard

An elevated tee and a Par 4 hole of 347 yards. A tree trunk carving of a buzzard marks this as a “ signature” hole ! A majestic view looking down the fairway with the River Bollin to the right and mature trees to the left. A good drive landing to the right side, or over, the grass mounds will give you a clear view of the green and a decision to “lay up “ short of the bunkers or play a risky wood!

Corinne Veitch (Hcp 15)
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