Dress Code

We would be grateful if all Members and Visitors would respect normal golf etiquette during play and meet our expectations for dress both on and off the course.

Dress standards shall be maintained at all times on the course, in the clubhouse and on the patio. In all circumstances gentlemen shall wear their shirts tucked into their trousers or shorts as appropriate.

On the course

  • Gentlemen – jeans and collarless or sleeveless shirts (including T-shirts) are not allowed. Shorts are acceptable provided they are tailored, do not have “cargo” pockets, and are worn with coordinating long, short or ankle socks.
  • Ladies – jeans and sun-tops with or without shoulder straps are not allowed. Sleeveless tops may be worn as long as they have a collar. Shorts are acceptable provided they are tailored and do not have “cargo” pockets.
  • Gentlemen and Ladies – must wear proper golf shoes either with spikes or soft studs. Other kinds of footwear such as training shoes are not permitted.

In the clubhouse and on the patio

  • The dress code for ladies and gentlemen should be smart casual attire including smart jeans of uniform colour. For the avoidance of confusion, trousers or jeans which are frayed, soiled, cut or distressed are not permitted.
  • For gentlemen, t-shirts and shirts without a collar are not permitted.
  • Non-golf sports attire including football and rugby shirts is not permitted.
  • Shorts and trousers must be tailored without “cargo” pockets.
  • After 7pm, dress in the main room for gentlemen should be jacket and collared shirt with a tie being optional. Jeans are not permitted.
  • The dress code for organised social events in the main room or the side bar/bar lounge should be specified by the event organiser.
  • Smart, clean training shoes are permitted for Junior Members - otherwise, they are not permitted.

Specific events

In keeping with the tradition of the Club, the following dress codes should be observed at these specific events:

* Ladies’ Tea - smart casual
* TNC - jacket, collared shirt, tie optional
* Club Bridge - jacket, collared shirt, tie optional
* Formal Golf Dinners – jacket, collared shirt and tie/Black Tie (as specified by the event organiser)
* Captain’s TNC Dinners – jacket, collared shirt and tie
* Men's Club matches – jacket, collared shirt and tie
* General Meetings – smart casual
* Sunday Lunch – smart casual – no jeans of any description
* Council Meetings – smart casual

In hot weather the requirement for jackets and ties may be suspended on a particular day if so decided by the House Standing Committee or, in the case of a special event, by the organiser of that event.